Dziennik handlu

To achieve success in the longer term, every user should pursue a strategy, when he trades. But how can we analyse weakness? A rising account balance gives only a snapshot. So how about analysing the hit rate? This is pointless, if 6 trades out of 10 are winnings, but the remaining 4 are losses, which are then higher as the winnings. Does it depend on the psyche? If the trader is in a bad mood, does he access to a position out of pure boredom, or if he is an a good mood out of euphoria? All these bits of information belong into the trading journal. It is possible to add the frame of mind, the system and a lot more of important information to every trade. It is the combination out of it all. So this includes the psyche, the mental state, the strategy, the date and the traded assets which leads to the elimination of mistakes. Only if the user knows and uses this combination, he can bring consistency in his trading activities. gives the solution, the automation. From now on excuses like “I forgot it“ or “I had no time“ are history.


With the trading time reports, it is posible to learn something about the time the user makes winnings and losses. The “Trade Distribution" in this report is seperated into three sections, into hour per day, day per week and months. Due to this function it is easy to see in which time of date you gain winnings. By skipping the unprofitable daytimes, the chance for a good success rate can be much higher. And what if we look on the weekdays? Does the user gain profits on mondays, or should he leave them out? On he recieves the answer. The process works the same on the monthly level. One oft he last functions of we want to mention is the TAGs function. The trader has the posibility to analyse every strategy and mental situation full automatically. Furthermore he is able to set and evaluate every parameter individually for increasing the reliability and set additional potentials free.

Publikacja zleceń

The social stream function provides the traders the posibility to support each other and to get support by a mentor. You can share your winnings and losses with a simpel touch of a button to the communitiy. How was the trade and how was the entry point. Comment your trades and build your own community. With this tool you are not on your own anymore. Successes are going to be rewarded and mistakes are directly addressed. And of course this tool is free, to give you the chance to make the best out of you and your trading. You decide which information is going to get shared. Let it be in our community or directly on Facebook or Twitter.Use the tools that bring you forward and make you successful.


We offer free Plugins, so you get a automatic upload of your trades from your trading platform. After your registration, you choose your trading platform, download our Plugin, install it on your platform and you are ready to go. Your trades are automatically synchronized with our website. Examine your trades, add notes to your trading journal or record voice memos. The whole process is all-automatic, free and above all easy to use. And certainly your dates are coded and safe for foreign access. If their is an update from your trading platform, you receive an Plugin which reminds you automatically of the update. In this way, you are able to fully concentrate on your trading. We expand your Plugin section steadily, so if you want to transfer to another trading platform your dates won´t get lost and you can work on from the point you ended.