W zależności od wybranego planu możesz dodać odpowiednią ilość kont. Będziesz mógł wybrać jedno konto do analiz lub połączyć kilka i zobaczyć wszystkie szczegółowe analizy zleceń.

Wydruk Wykresu

Każdy wykres na stronie posiada funkcję wydrukowania lub zapisu do PNG, JPEG, PDF lub SVG.

Informacje o Koncie

W zależności od udostępnianych przez brokerów danych, będziesz mógł zobaczyć: nazwę brokera, walutę, środki na koncie, prowizje i obrót.


Dla każdego konta obliczane są podstawowe statystyki.

Profit Chart

Summarized chart of your performance. You can zoom to select the time you would like to see.

Filter Function

You can filter and search through your Trades. Choice Of what you want to see. Asset, Tags, duration, long or short, Data range, by symbol or Type.

Share Trade

You can share your trade with the Community, Facebook or Twitter.


You can import all Global Currencies

CFD (Contract for Difference)

You can import Global Currencies, Index, Commoditys, Metals and Stock CFD.


You can import Equities and ETFs.


You can import Futures.


A fast overview of your Performance.

Monthly Profits

A tool for an overview of your monthly performances. You can also select the timeframe, which month you would like to see. It starts from 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, year to date and all history.

Top 5 Traded Instruments / Asset Allocation

Insight Reports with the top 5 traded instruments. For a fast overview, where you can see the name of the Asset, direction, winner and looser. Also an overview of the Asset Allocation. Just click on the monthly bar to see what you trade most.

Trade Journal

A tool for an overview of your daily trade summary. You can see your trades during a day. Info about the Time, Asset, Volume, P&L, if you shared your trade and also your Tags.


Select a trade and see the details. You can also share your trade directly with the community. With the Tag function, you can add your trade behaviour, the name of your strategy or any specific information. Powerfull tool to analyze what works for you and what not.

Audio Comment

You can use the voice recorder to add an audio comment on each trade. Usefull when you would like to know your mindset or only to record the daily map.

Trade Journal Entry and Exit comment boxes

Make notes to your closed position. Why you have opened the trade and closed it. The more detail about the trade the better for you to analyze later what works for you.

Auto Chart

Depends on your traded asset, the auto chart function allows you to see where your entry and exit point was on a trade. You can setup the timeframe on each chart, so you will always see how the market was. Great tool to learn from your trade.
(The charts for CFDs will be shown as the Real Underlying Asset)
Forex: You can import all Global Currencies
CFD: US Equities, CME, CBOT, COMEX, NYMEX, DAX, EuroStoxx 50, and FOREX
Stock/ETF: US Equities

PS: European Stocks and Futures will be added est. 4Q 2016

Closed Orders

The closed order tab shows you all of your trades. The winners are in green and the loosers are in red. You will get info about Asset, Type, Size, Open and Close Times, Open and Close Prices, and the P&L. Click the lens button, and you will see the Journal view.

Sell/Buy Report

A summarized Report for Sell and Buy for each asset.

Symbol Ratio Report

A summarized Report of Symbols Ratio for each asset.

Symbol Profits Report

A summarized Report of Profits where you can see on each Asset if you closed the Trade with a Profit, Loss or Breakeven.

Top 10 selling Instruments

Available for Forex, CFD, Stock/ETF and Futures. See which instrument on each asset do you trade most.

Tags Profit Analyzer

See directly every Tag on each trade as a list, how much you earned or lost. Easy way to learn which strategy or system brings you the most positive result.

Duration Analysys

Analyze profit, growth, pips or lots data versus duration in order to quickly evaluate and characterize the trading system (long terms, intraday, or scalping) and its consistency.

Trade Distrubution and Performance by Month of Year

Analyze trade distrubution and Performance for every Month of a year. This function will add all months of each year together.

Trade Distrubution and Performance by Day of Week

Analyze trade distrubution and Performance for every Day of a Week. This function will add all Days of each Week together.

Trade Distrubution and Performance by Hour of Day

Analyze trade distrubution and Performance for every Hour of a Day. This function will add all Hours of each Day together.

User Account Data

Setup your Data in your settings, your trading style and more Info if you wish.

Manual Uploader

Create Custom account to manually Upload your Trades.

Plugin (Auto Uploader)

Create an account to upload automatically of your Trades.

Verified Real Account

This function shows that you are Trading a Live Account with a full Track Record. If you share a trade the community will see the Verify Logo next to your Username .